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Conference Presentations

2023 Spring Conference - Savannah, GA

ASC Update by Jim Park
TAF Updates by Dave Bunton, Brad Swinney & Michelle Bradley
PAREA: Appraisal Institute and McKissock by Scott DiBiasio, Kevin Hecht, Alan Hummel, Craig Steinley, and Brad Swinney
ASC Grants & MPAT Case Study by Melissa Bond and Rae Frederique
Texas/HUD/Fair Housing by Nathan Roth, Bryan Snoddy, Erik Steinecker, and Melissa Tran
Board Member Legal Concerns: Navigating the Administrative Law Process by Mel Black and Craig Capilla
You, Me, and the Criteria by Kelly Davids, Don Rodgers, and Brad Swinney
Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae by Lyle Radke and Scott Reuter

2022 Fall Conference - Washington D.C.

ASC Update by Jim Park
TAF Updates by Dave Bunton, Brad Swinney & Michelle Bradley
Appraiser Diversity Initiative (ADI) by Rachel Beam-Jares and Lyle Radke
Mass Appraisal Experience Should Count Towards Certification and Licensure Without Extra Burdens by Shannon Hiss, Amy Rasmussen, Jenny Tidwell and Donna VanderVries
Harmonizing Enforcement of USPAP Across Jurisdictions by Craig Capilla and Lisa Desmarais
Appraisal Professionalism & USPAP by Chad Anderson, Pete Fontana, James Heaslet, Tony Pistilli, John Russell and Tammy Schoenbeck
The Appraisal Foundation & State Regulators: A Partnership for the Future by Kelly Davids, Candi Coleman and Pete Fontana

2022 Spring Conference - San Antonio, Texas
ASC Updates by Jim Park
TAF Updates by Dave Bunton, Brad Swinney & Michelle Bradley
Fannie Mae Updates by Lyle Radke
Course Approval Program (CAP): New Alternative for Delivery Mechanism Approval by The Appraisal Foundation
Board Member, Staff and Contractor Complaints by Steve McCaleb
The PAVE Report: What It Means and What's Next by John Brenan
Data Security by Luke Tomaszewski
Practical Applications of Real Estate Appraisal PAREA by Lisa Desmarais
The 3 P's of PAREA: A Provider's Perspective by Craig Steinley
The P’s of PAREA: Programs, Policy Statements and Procedures by The Appraisal Foundation
2021 Fall Conference - Washington D.C.
ASC Updates by Jim Park
TAF Updates by Dave Bunton, Mark Lewis & Michelle Bradley
Appraisal Concerns & Controls by Lyle Radke
Demystifying AMC USPAP Compliance & Other Review Requirements with Handout by Susan Alley
The Changing Landscape of Inspections by Josh Walitt
A Conversation on Appraisal Bias & Diversity by Tony Pistilli
Appraisal Modernization and the Public Trust by John Dingeman
Appraisal Modernization and the Public Trust by John Brenan
Appraiser Capacity Slide by Scott Reuter
Experience Requirements: How Do We Create a Broader Enterance for Future Appraisers by Ernie Durbin
Experience Requirements: How Do We Create a Broader Enterance for Future Appraisers by Craig Steinley

2021 Spring Conference - Virtual
ASC Updates
Opening Remarks & TAF Updates
Appraisal Concerns & Controls

ASC Updates
No video available
ASC Updates by Jim Park
Lending Discrimination: A Primer on the Equal Credit
Opportunity Act (ECOA)
by Frank Vespa-Papaleo

AMC Session

Appraisal Regulation Under A Microscope
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PAREA: A Deeper Dive Into State Adoption

January 13, 2021 - Unconscious Bias Presentation

Check out this presentation here.

2020 Fall Conference - Virtual

ASC Updates by Jim Park
TAF Updates by Dave Bunton
Virtual Learning-How Appraisers are Learning in a Virtual World by Mark Ratterman
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Complaints & Enforcement in a Pandemic-Restrictions on Appraisals, Market Response, & Consumer Issues by Troy Beaulieu 
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2019 Fall Conference - Washington, D.C

TAF Recap by Jacqueline Olson
AMCs –Behind the Scene: Functions, Operations, & Quality Control Recap by Jacqueline Olson
AMC Background Checks
Supervisory Appraiser Progress Monitoring
Modernization of Title XI
AMC Operations and Quality Control
Background Checks - Kristen Worman
Evaluations Recap by Greg Stephens

2018 Spring Conference - Seattle, WA


Learning Communities 

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Other Learning Opportunities

  • Regulator Training Courses: These courses are designed to expand the participant’s appraiser regulatory knowledge necessary for administration of a state appraiser and appraisal management company regulatory program in compliance with Title XI of the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act of 1989 (Title XI of FIRREA), as amended by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 (Dodd Frank), and the Appraisal Subcommittee’s (ASC) Policy Statements.
  • Case Studies for Investigators Courses: AARO’s Case Studies for Investigators (CSI) series is designed to hone the skills and technical knowledge of the investigators and staff involved in the appraiser regulatory investigation process by providing real world examples that follow the sequential steps from the intake of a complaint/allegation or new license request through the final disposition or adjudication. Participation in the CSI series will expand the participant’s proficiency in investigative techniques and USPAP compliance, including document collection, investigative due diligence, interviews, investigation reports and Standard 3/4 review reports, hearings, testifying, and interactions with witnesses, respondents, complainants, Board members, and administrative staff. New case studies are provided each year to allow for a continued expansion of the investigative expertise of the participants, as well as their familiarity with the Appraisal Subcommittee’s Policy Statement 7.
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