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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few questions we receive regularly - if you have a question beyond what is included below, please feel free to contact us. 

  • How can AARO help my Organization?
  • We are, first and foremost, solely dedicated to advocating for the 54 member states and jurisdictions who are mandated by Congress to have appraisal regulatory agencies in place. We can help you find information on the various regulatory programs, connect you to staff or board members who have a particular expertise or knowledge in a community, and provide networking opportunities and invaluable information at our conferences.

    We host two conferences each year to help you learn best practices, share with one another, and connect to local and national resources. We also host a variety of training courses aimed at providing your the necessary tools and resources to enact a complaint program. 

    We hope that you will call us if ever you run into a challenge - together, our members have resources and knowledge that will prove to be helpful. 

  • What benefits do I get by being member jurisdiction that pays dues?
  • As a dues paying member jurisdiction, you will be entitled to one (1) vote on any matter or election coming before any meeting of the general membership of the Association, and 3 shall have one (1) voting delegate whose identity shall be determined by the jurisdiction’s appraiser regulatory authority and who shall be registered for the meeting. 

    All dues paying members also receive greater content available via the website which can include directory information, access to forums, and discounted conference registration fees. 

  • Can I Attend AARO's Annual Meeting and Conference or Other Events?
  • The AARO Annual Meeting and Conference is open to member and non-member organizations. Most other AARO events are open only to current members. However, if you represent a organization that fits within the Appraisal or Appraisal Management Company industry, please feel free to contact us to see if you are eligible for membership or to attend a meeting as a guest.

    Certain conference breakout sessions or trainings may only be available based on your role within your jurisdiction or organization, such as the Case Studies for Investigator training course.