Success Through Leadership, Cooperation, Communication and Education

Benefits of Membership

AARO is the only nationally chartered organization dedicated to the regulation of real property appraisers. Since the passage of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, expectations placed upon appraiser regulatory agencies have grown far beyond what was originally envisioned in Title XI of FIRREA. These higher expectations were compounded in 2015 with the implementation of major changes to the Appraiser Qualification Criteria. During the next five years, all state appraiser regulatory agencies will be required to enact legislation for the purpose of regulating Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs). These new requirements will bring with them an important set of challenges to our jurisdictional agencies.

Each biannual conference provides a unique opportunity for one-on-one engagement with peers from other jurisdictions, as well as representatives of the Appraisal Subcommittee (ASC), Appraisal Foundation, and other industry professionals. The event provides member agencies with a forum for interaction and the opportunity to share solutions with other agencies achieving effective regulation and enforcement. Benefits include:

  • In-person Networking - The ASC has consistently encouraged appraiser regulatory agencies to interact with each other in order to share their successes and concerns. Regulatory agencies actively involved in AARO, specifically those that attend the conferences, are often better informed because they’ve been provided with the most current information required to perform their duties within the regulatory system.  The up-to-date training and exchange of ideas that occurs during AARO conferences have many proven benefits, including enhanced job performance and a better understanding of what the ASC will be looking for in their field reviews.
  • - What better way to stay current than with AARO’s own website, which provides agencies access to shared resources and the opportunity to communicate with their peers on a more regular basis. Ultimately, it’s these direct lines of communication that allow our members to face the issues of the day and the questions of the future, and that sense of shared responsibility is a big reason why so many state agencies charged with real property appraiser regulation become members of AARO.

Requirements for Membership

  • Any state, district, territory, commonwealth, or possession of the United States which has enacted an appraiser licensing and certification act shall be eligible for membership upon payment of the required annual dues and shall become a MEMBER JURISDICTION.
  • A person who was previously an active member of the Association may become an ASSOCIATE MEMBER upon approval of the Board of Directors.
  • An appraiser association or appraiser-related organization may become an AFFILIATE upon approval of the Board of Directors and upon payment of fees established by the Board of Directors.
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AARO offers two conferences per year: one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Conferences allow for – networking, professional development and informative sessions designed by regulators and industry experts. In the three to four days of the conference, we cover best practices, trends in the appraisal industry, statewide issues and more.

Training Courses
AARO currently has two training programs: Case Studies for Investigators (CSI) and the Regulatory Training Course (RTC). Each course offers different learning structures and expand on the previous versions to constantly grow your knowledge. 

Networking with One Another
Network with each other at a conference or use the forums on the website to share ideas, explore opportunities to collaborate, and work through common challenges in the appraisal industry. Members are from across the nation represent users of appraisal services for every job function.

Network News
AARO publishes a robust newsletter after each conference that is filled with news and information about the happenings of the Association. AARO provides users with links to appraisal industry news and highlights some of the more relevant articles. 

Educational Programming
AARO members include providers of appraisal continuing education programs. These providers connect you to speakers, experts, and peers who can help you stay abreast of the USPAP and the practices being taught to appraisers. 

Free Jobs Board
The job board allows for members to recruit staff from experts already in the appraisal industry. Members may post job openings free of charge.

View our Membership Application here. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Brandy March.