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Meet Melissa Bond!

During the Associate of Appraiser Regulatory Officials (AARO) Fall 2021 Conference, Jacqueline Olson, Chair of the Communications Committee, interviewed Melissa Bond from Mississippi.  

Melissa is from southern (coastal) Mississippi.  She's a certified residential appraiser with trainees.  She has teaches continuing education and qualifyng education to appraisers in ten different states.  She teaches between 12 and 36 times/year!  She is also part of the Board of the Directors on the National Association of Appraisers.  
How many AARO conferences have you attended?
This is my first AARO conference and first time in Washington D.C.
Is attending the AARO conference helpful for you to do your job?
It's been very informative!  And I finally got to meet Larry Disney in person!
What do you enjoy most about your work?
My passion is creating the most accurate appraisal report I can put out.

What is your favorite US City to visit?
San Antonio!  I'm excited for the spring conference that will be held there.
What is first impression of AARO?
Brandy was friendly and everyone was welcoming.
What challenges do you face at work?
With respect to my continuing education work, it would be helpful if AARO could facilitate a consensus on an education platform for all the states.  Or even just create a resource that show such things as 1) What is your state's renewal cycle? and 2) Does the state have to report the CE credits or does the appraiser?  I have a large wall that I  use to keep track of all the requirements of each state I teach in.

With respect to my work as an appraiser, I believe all appraisers need to embrace technology stop being antiquated.