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AARO Spring Call for Presentations

AARO Spring Call for Presentations

AARO is accepting presentation proposals for its Spring 2023 Conference in Savannah, Georgia on May 9-11, 2023. Presentation Proposals are due by February 3, 2023.

Please use the call for presentations and proposal form or a similar version thereof. 

A few things have changed.  

  1. To help accommodate and have enough concessions available, we are asking that you let us know up front what your needs will be. Concessions must be approved by the Board of Directors, but the amount and types may have an impact on the selection of your proposal as the Program Committee is aware of the availability of concessions. This does not mean that AARO will not be awarding concessions, we just need to factor in the speaker's needs and match it with what is available to ensure that we are being fiscally responsible and fair. This also ensures the Board has enough time to consider your needs and take a vote so that you can be better prepared for travel budgeting.  
  2. To help streamline the review process, the Program Committee is asking for certain items within each proposal so that they can better rank each submission. Therefore, it is essential that you answer all the questions on the form, or supply those should you use a different form. An incomplete submission will be returned, and/or it may result in removal from the ranking.  

While the Program Committee will review and rank all completed proposals received by February 3, 2023, some items identified as being of interest to the Program Committee for the Spring 2023 conference include the following:  

  • Grants (Administration, Use of Grant Funds/Approved Projects) 
  • ASC Policy Statements (Best Practices, Issues and Corrective Measures, Deeper Dive, etc.) 
  • PAREA Programs/PAREA Updates 
  • GSEs (Form Revisions, Complaint Referrals, Upcoming Changes) 
  • Alternate Paths to Entry into the Profession 
  • Board Members vs Legal Concerns: Ethics, Ex Parte, Emails/Texts 
  • Bias Complaints, Lawsuits, Investigation Techniques